Recruiters API


The Recruiters API provides operations for users / representatives of a company. The public part of this API provides only one operation at the moment, which is the creation of a recruiter.


CRUD HTTP methods
Create POST

Creating/Registering a recruiter

curl -H 'Content-type: Content-Type: application/json' -H  'app-token: XYZ' \
     -X POST --url '' \
     -d @/tmp/payload.json

The POST body (pointed out in the example above as the file /tmp/payload.json) it's something like:

  "cnpj": "",
  "usuario": {
    "nome": "José Silva",
    "email": "",
    "cpf": "00000000000",
    "telefone": "(00) 00000-0000",
    "genero": "M"

If the operation was successful, the HTTP status code returned will be a 201 with the body:

    "login": "xyz...",
    "senha": "zyx..."

In case of failure, possible errors can be seen in the following section.


Some error may occur while trying to register a recruiter.
Below is a list of code and message that may occur.

Code Message
REC000 Error validating JSON. Is the structure correct?
REC001 CNPJ field is required
REC002 Username is required
REC003 E-mail is required
REC004 CPF is required
REC005 Cargo is required
REC006 Telefone is required
REC007 *
REC008 Value for the sex field must be 'M' or 'F'

* dynamic error message


We currently have only one base URL, as below: