Job candidates


The Jobs APIs are a set of tools that allow companies to integrate their job posting systems with Catho, without the need of posting jobs on the site manually. In this section we talk about how companies can also integrate the candidate's applies on their systems without accessing the website, through our APIs. 

APIs Modeling

APIs follow the same modeling of job posting APIs, that you can review here

How callback works

  1. When posting a job at Catho, through our API, the company specifies a callback address to be notified about a new apply
  2. In the moment that a candidate applies for a job, we are going to make a POST to the specified address with the following payload:
    "vagaId": int,
    "candidatoId": string,
    "_links": {
        "candidato": {
            "href": "{vagaId}/candidatos/{candidatoId}-{perfilId}"

Profile types

Id Description
1 Professional
3 Intern
9 Operational

Avaiable services

Resource Description
/vagas/{id}/candidatos List all candidates related to the job ad
/vagas/{id}/candidatos/{candidato_id}-{perfilId} List the candidate data
/vagas/{id}/candidatos/{candidato_id}-{perfilId}/contatos List the candidate contact data

Candidate contact data

Candidate contact data are the most valuabe information for recruiters, but they need to be used carefully, otherwise our candidates would be unsatisfied with an undesirable contact. It means that these data must be used only if there is real interest by the recruiter in the candidate. The candidate must be shown for the recruiter using the service /vagas/{id}/candidatos/{candidato_id}-{perfilId} and once the recruiter has interest in the candidate, it must be used the service  /vagas/{id}/candidatos/{candidato_id}-{perfilId}/contatos to visualize his contact data.