Ilustração autenticação

For security procedures, to be successful in making a request to our APIs, authentication is required.

The authentication is done via the app-Token and auth-Token. So the app-Token and the auth-token must be passed in the header of your request.

The app-token is what identifies the application making the request. You can visualize the token of its application in the menu My Apps (app-token is the Client ID).

The auth-token is what identifies your business in the Catho system. For an auth-Token contact Catho sending data below:

• Company that will post job ads data: 
• Corporate name 
• Recruiter(s) data: 
• Name
• Email
• Phone
• Integration sponsor: tell who was the person in charge of requesting an integration with Catho, making possible for us check the request. Refer the recruiter in charge, otherwise, if it's not a recruiter, send us contact data of the sponsor. 

For each application,  an auth-Token will be automatically created for use in sandbox environment.

You can visualize the auth-Tokens associated with your app-Token clicking details at My Apps.