Before starting the consumption of our resources for their implementation in production environment, it is of utmost importance that you can test their features to ensure that it will operate error-free, and make sure that it meets all defined rules when using APIs.

What is it?

For this, Catho offers developers a Sandbox environment. It mirrored the business rules we use in our real site, but without impacting production environment data. The aim is to let the dev free to build the application that will communicate with us, where he can freely test, without impact on the real customer's environment on the site.

How does it work?

As stated above, 'Sandbox' is isolated from 'production' environment. That is, none of the other environments impacts.

The endpoint sandbox is based on the following url:

Automatic company

To help using the Sandbox, we will automatically create a company for you to do your tests. Do not worry about the data this company, we do so only to respect our rules of 'production', being totally transparent to the developer.

Automatic recruiters

In the company we create, we will emulate 5 recruiters so that the developer can perform your tests. In our concept, recruiters are the "owners" of the vacancies. These automatically generated recruiters have the following e-mail's,,,,, and you should associate as required in the "recruiters" of the vacancy post.

Automatically published vacancies

Vacancies that are registered via API are automatically published after 20 minutes.

Return example

curl -X POST '' \
-H'Content-Type: text/plain' \
-d '{ "vagaId": 1801, "candidatoId": 1599, "_links": { "candidato": { "href": ""id-da-vaga"/candidatos/1599-1" } } }'

When someone applies for a vacancy, we notify the integrator about the candidate with the following payload:

    "vagaId": 1801, 
    "candidatoId": 1599, 
    "_links": { 
        "candidato": { 
            "href": ""